The Taming Series

Taming Red:

Vivian Stewart dreams of finding someone the exact opposite of her ex-husband. Attentive, caring, and affectionate. Someone willingly to love her for her.

Enter Damien Cox: handsome, aloof, and rich, everything she isn’t looking for in a man. She succumbs to his charms as he pulls her into a dark, sensual world of control and submission. She finds herself attracted to what she sees and feels, but is she ready to dive deeper?

But when Vivian’s ex-husband Neal sees her with Damien, he starts exhibiting some very dangerous behavior.

Possessing Red:

When Damien Cox disappears a week before the trial against those caught sex trafficking out of his companies, Vivian Stewart teams up with Damien’s ex-wife, Kime Spaton, to find Damien, hopefully alive.

But will she succeed when she discovers those involved in the trafficking include a politician, as well as the city’s most infamous Dominatrix.

Vivian once again finds herself pitted against her former best friend, Shelly Gardner and her ex-husband, Neal Stewart, in a race to reunite with the man of her dreams.

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