Covenant Tales



Zophiel was still staring at her, a small wrinkle between her brows. Micah put her finger between her lips and sucked the end of it then ran her tongue over her nail before she reached down and ran her moistened finger over the rim of the shot glass in front of her. “Do you want a taste?”

Zophiel started to nod, then shook her head and backed up again. “No…Gabriel was right. You have become Eve.”

“If I am Eve, then the world is my Adam, Zo.” She stood and placed enough on the bar to pay for the drinks and then some.

With a sly scotch enhanced grin, Micah took another step to Zophiel. When the angel didn’t back away, she moved to stand breast to tit with her. Feeling very aroused at Zophiel’s ethereal beauty, Micah reached up and took the back of Zophiel’s neck and pulled her to her. Zophiel didn’t move away.

The kiss was the most perfect Micah could ever have experienced. Mingled with the scotch still on her tongue, she pulled and sucked at Zophiel’s pouty lips before she plunged her own tongue inside and explored. To her surprise, Zophiel’s body bent into hers. But before Micah could slide a hand between Zophiel’s legs, something sharp bit into her back.